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Foodie G.
Los Angeles, CA


I am lazy when it comes to writing reviews on Yelp or taking care of my skin but I must write a comment about the great experience I had at Sara West Skin Care.

I received an Amazon Local coupon as a gift from a friend on Christmas for this facial and was almost going to let it expire because I never thought facials did anything. I can put a mask on at home or exfoliate with my Sephora products. I decided to use this voucher on Saturday and was very impressed with the service and the results.

Best facial I ever received. My friend has a habit of giving my facial voucher for the holidays and birthdays so I was at the point of almost resenting her because a lot of them really sucked and were a waste of my time.

I’ve never actually treated my self to one but so glad I went! Not only did it feel great and had a relaxing experience my skin has never felt better. I get cystic bumps around my chin. It looks as though I have clear skin but I often get painful bumps around my chin that just won’t go away. Sara West took care of it with this electrical wand which felt wonderful and really helped but also gave me advice as to how to care for my skin. She is extremely knowledgeable and formulates the perfect mask for your skin.

I had dry skin around my nose so she didn’t want to put too much glycolic which made sense. She has the latest products and instruments to give the perfect facial. She also explains what she is doing and asks what you want done. I highly recommend her. Her prices are very reasonable for the services received.

I never thought of getting regular facials but I would definitely go here regularly for the pampering and excellent skin care. Finally my friend gave me a great gift !!

Caroline C.
Los Angeles,CA


I found Sara on Groupon, and have not gone anywhere else since. She is fantastic! Like many first time Groupon users, I was hesitant, but I couldn’t be happier that I found her.

Upon arriving, I was greeted with a warm smile. We then proceeded to sit and discuss my skin, and how she would cater the facial to meet my needs. She was even so kind as to take the time to explain to me why my skin was producing acne and gave me suggestions on how to control it.

The facial itself was delightful. It was a very calming and relaxing atmosphere. Sara spared no expense. She gave me the works. The facial included everything: multiple masks, steaming, gentle extractions, serums, exfoliating, high frequency.. the list goes on and on. When finished, my skin was glowing. And as the days passed my acne continued to subside.

My birthday is coming up soon, and I am excited to go back to Sara to get that glowing skin her facials produce.

All in all – Sara is a talented and knowledgeable facialist.

Steven P.
Los Angeles,CA


I got this amazon local deal with Sara, scheduling was a breeze. She was very nice from the start. I am a male in my 50s and have gotten facials on and off for years. I am very picky because I maintain nice skin and use good products – not theirs.

When I arrived, Sara greeted me with kindness and enthusiasm. This is a nice spa with a few rooms, Very zen and peaceful – i filled out the questionnaire and Sara reviewed it with me. She asked me for my concerns and I told her. She then led me into a nice room; highly professional (even in high end spas I have not had a room like this) the music is the type i enjoy in my yoga classes.

Sara examined my face and mentioned numerous facials but had something specific in mind for me. She informed me of a new microdermabrasion treatment – she demonstrated on her own skin, She told me the fee and (asked me) whether i wanted it? I said yes. After several cleansings and masks, she did the procedure. If you google this you will excellent literature and reviews on this. I also have two female co-workers who have had this and their skin looks new – over a six treatments, your skin will show the great results and newness – it’s like sanding a table with minor cracks she said and then the wood becomes normal again. Amazing personality and sense of humor.

I also told her i was interested in her recommendations for a sun screen as i had heard about demalogica as positive, when i came out of the room, she had put a bottle of sun screen (since i play tons of tennis) – she also as a recommendation put out a mask to use weekly – she explained in detail the importance and went over the ingredients with me/ She checked on my daily skin routine and was complimentary.

We spoke for several minutes talking with me – she is very customer service oriented – far exceeding what i had in a high end salon, each time they put something on my face and i liked it, there was a bag waiting at the check out counter = the sales person said “this is what has been specially chosen for you -” I was very upset.

I booked my next appt for Sept – this is a true winner –

You get what you pay for – if you are used to getting facials, go; if you are a first time comer – trust me, she will take the time to explain everything.

Listen up !

Caroline C.
Valley Village, CA


Sara provided a wonderful facial. Her passion for skin really came through in her work. She even took the time to sit with me and analyze my skin. During the facial, Sara explained every thing before she did it. I left with glowing skin that only continued to get better in the days to follow. Some facials can leave skin irritated, but NOT Sara’s. She gives DEEP cleaning facials that do not irritate the skin. After experiencing Sara West’s facial, I have no reason to continue looking for a facialist. I found her on Groupon and I couldn’t be happier. A truly relaxing experience.

Katie H.
Los Angeles, CA


Sara West can be defined by 2 words: THOROUGH and CARING!

And as a 21 year old college student battling severe and persistent acne, those are 2 things that I was definitely looking for in an esthetician.  Luckily, I found my way to Sara through a string of Groupon deals, having purchased many for facials at various spas around LA.  Most of them were alright and got the job done for the most part, but there was an extra personal comfort factor lacking that didn’t make me stick around for more.  I would feel ashamed and self conscious about coming in, laying stiff on the table while whoever performed extractions murmured in a foreign accent, “Ohhh, you got so much on yo face!……Oh, wow this one real bad, real bad”.  Seriously, it already takes balls to bear your makeup-less face to a stranger (I’m sure those of you out there who are very sensitive about your acne know what I’m talking about), the last thing you need is any additional self conscious thoughts or guilt about your complexion!

And thanks to Sara I have never felt that way again!  I’ve been seeing Sara exclusively for facials for the past months and don’t think I’m ever going back to anyone else.  She is a professional, and gives your skin the individual attention that it needs.  She makes suggestions for treatments and products based on what she truly thinks will help, not merely for commission or extra money.  In fact, during a horrible acne flare up, she once recommended I get Blue/Red LED therapy along with microdermabrasion, but then scratched the microdermabrasion because she thought my skin was probably already too irritated for such a treatment — and THAT my friends, is valuable judgment that you won’t find among that many other estheticians.  You don’t want a person attacking your acne from 100% on all sides, you want a person who can give you an aggressive plan against acne while understanding the nuances of your skin.

And if you need more reasons why you should go and see Sara, here are many!
1) She spares no expense.  But really, Sara has been so dedicated and has stood by me in my battle with acne by doing everything she can to get rid of it.  Her facials often go much longer than I ever think they will and my problem spots on my face are always strongly addressed.  She gives extra attention to places that need it but doesn’t over do it.
2) She has great customer service.  Sara is always good about calling to make sure you remember your appointment and if you want to meet on a specific day and she’s already booked, she goes out of her way to try and fit you in if any cancellations happen.  She’s always responded to me quickly about any openings she might have and has given me a bunch of options if there’s ever a scheduling conflict.  Also, this one time when we had some communication difficulties, she surprised me with a free Parafin wax treatment for my hands the next time I came in…what a treat!
3) She makes you feel like there’s hope.  For me, this is a big one.  I’ve literally tried so many things to try and get rid of my acne to no avail, which makes you feel like nothing ever will work.  And that’s just an unhealthy mindset to have.  But with Sara, I know that she’s fighting there with me, and when I’m happy from the better results, she is 50 times happier as well.  It’s nice to know that someone understands the impact that acne can have.  And in Sara’s own words, “If I could kill anything, it’d be acne!”

So yeah, the moral of the story is, go and see Sara if you have stubborn acne because you definitely have not exhausted all options! Personally, I have seen massive improvement from a combination of the Blue/Red LED Therapy (kills bacteria along with diminishing dark spots, acne scars), and the Jet M therapy (an alternative to microdermabrasion that hydrates skin and does not irritate it as much). I have only done this combo twice and would say that I have gone from a 7 on the acne scale (this was when I had a really bad flare up a few weeks ago), to around a 3 or a 4 (only a few raised pimples with remaining acne scars).  My complexion has gotten so much brighter and the worst of my acne scars have lightened a little bit.  I have asian, olive skin which scars easily so the majority of my scars/dark marks will probably need a lot more treatments to dramatically lighten, but I’m okay with that as long as I’m not getting any new acne.  I’m very happy with my results from Sara and this is from a person who has already tried Proactive, Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Clearasil, Simple Skincare, Clinique Skincare, Skinceuticals, Dermalogica, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, High Frequency Machines, Xeno, Blue MD, Nature’s Cure Homeopathic Pills, and much more.

Samantha D.
Los Angeles, CA


 I just had my first facial with Sara this past weekend. It was one of the best spa treatments I’ve ever had! Sara and the facial both exceeded my expectations, and I plan on getting facials with Sara as regularly as I can. The treatment was sooo relaxing and my skin is so smooth now. Sara is really nice and great at what she does. She already sent me a follow up e-mail to say it was nice meeting me and to help me arrange my next appointment. I will definitely recommend her to my friends.

Leslie C.
Los Angeles, CA


Run, don’t walk!
Seriously.  Now pushing 40, I have spent a lot of time and $$$ on trying to figure out my skin.  Expensive products, treatments, you name it.  And still having break-outs and dry skin?!  I’d almost given up.
Sara really knows skin care.  In a way even my previous dermatologists couldn’t communicate.  She not only gave me the best facial I’ve ever had (the results after my first time were truly amazing), she helped me a design a skincare regimen that is working for me.  I didn’t make it easy on her because I wanted to keep it organic yet effective.  She helped guide me to some natural solutions I’d never heard of, simple and cost effective, along with some products that offer quality natural ingredients.
If you haven’t heard of LED light therapy, look it up.  Non-invasive, no down-time and not too pricey but with impressive results.
AND .. she follows up. So far she has been great answering my questions promptly via email. That is uncommon I think.
And she’s a really nice person to boot. Can’t say enough about her.

Marti R.
Los Angeles, CA



I am addicted to Lifebooker and have been getting facials at a number of places around town and decided that Sara was the way to go.. She goes out of her way to fit your schedule, doesn’t push products on you and takes her time doing the facial.

My skin looked fantastic after her first facial and even better after the second. Easy parking, access and her place is quiet and relaxing.

Highly recommend her!

Carolina S.
West Hollywood, CA


Very professional and sweet, I had a Buy with Me European Facial voucher and only paid $35. The service and massage were great and her studio is super clean and smells beautiful…

Ben J.
Los Angeles, CA


What a wonderful experience! I had never had a facial but was compelled to go because I was having breakouts. Sarah assessed my skin, determined what type of facial I needed, and explained what she was doing every step of the way. I was shocked by how reasonable the cost was. The next day my skin was perfection! I will be back.

Gabriella P.
San Diego, CA


I have been to day spas all over the country and Sara West is an exceptional esthetician! She is extremely knowledgeable about the skin and it’s obvious that she is passionate about her work.  I have enjoyed Sara’s facials for years and my skin has improved so much.. My skin is more hydrated and I don’t break out anymore.. I also don’t have to wear as much foundation thanks to Sara’s great facials! Sara is kind, generous, and very talented! If you are looking for a great facialist call Sara West!

Les S.
Greenbrae, CA


Sara has taken care of me for 3 years now and I wouldn’t trust my facia bella to anyone else. She’s always informed me a bit of what she’s doing, takes my cues as whether I’m in the mood to chit chat or not, she’s dyed my lashes and brows and always squeezed me in for whatever blemish or skin emergency arose. She’s the best, you won’t be disappointed. Knowledgeable, experienced, and trustworthy … that’s SARA!!